Mega Mergers & Anti-Trust Issues Aren’t Limited to Cable, Tech, & Drug Companies

Everyone remembers hearing about the the giant hullabaloo that was the Comcast-Time Warner merger.  Some may even remember the 2000 case US Versus Microsoft.  Well, now we come full circle, but I’m not sure as many people know about this potential monopoly, though they should care…

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So What’s It Like Waiting? Who Is Going to Give You a Lung?

I’ve gotten questions in a few different forms within the past few months about how I’m getting my lungs & how long I have wait for them. Since I’m not listed yet (will in November), I do not know the answer of how long my wait will be.  I only plan to make the most of that wait.   Continue reading

The Beautiful Gift With an Ugly Price Tag

This article has been circulating around the web quite a bit. I’ve seen it shared on both Facebook & Twitter. For some, it’s mind-blowing; others not-so-much.  Money isn’t everything, but it can be influential. Yet it’s not all there is.

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Chemo Brain/Oxygen Brain/Brain Fog: However You Experience It – It’s a Thing

One of the big challenges that has come about lately since I’ve noticed my oxygen levels & energy bouncing around is feeling extremely forgetful, slow to react, & lagging in focus.

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Viewing Medical Professionals As People

I guess part of the reason I stayed at Medscape for as long as I did (8 years) was because I enjoyed working on content for healthcare professionals.  Doctors, nurses, pharmacists – I met many of them “virtually” or otherwise. Some of them really showed me compassion not only as a colleague but as a person trying to navigate their way through the healthcare system & give back to others & make sense of my own situation.

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The Importance of Connections & Community

Today, I managed to accomplish a few things, but not what I wanted. I felt OK this morning but had an energy dip today later along with some residual stomach stuff that’s been going around. However, I was still proud of myself of being able to work with a low energy equation.  But sometimes, you get extra energy just by being. (Other people can also transmit a boost).

I know many post-transplant friends have told me that the experience changes you, but I had no idea how until recently. Not all the changes are painful; all are meaningful… Continue reading

Feeding My Inner (Digital) Geek Helps Me Stay Healthier

I admit it, I’m a hardcore digital & app geek. Probably equally or more so than I am a healthcare geek.  My iPhone is literally another arm. But there are valid reasons for that given everything I need to keep up with.

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Realizing Personal Limitations Is NOT Quitting

I knew one day that I would have a time come where I was physically unable to work a standard workday & still take care of myself.  I had tried preparing myself for that in the back of my mind as I had for other things, like oxygen & potential transplant.  I always felt though it was going to be on my time & my say, not the diseases.  Obviously, sometimes things don’t work out according to plan.

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