Device, Hacks, & Product Reviews Archive

Every so often I’m asked to review products, apps & services, or I’ve purchased them on my own & found them useful.   Or as part of the chronic illness blogger network I’ve been able to review certain products.

I decided to make a special page to dedicate to my past & current blog posts where I’ve discussed apps, tech, & services to have them at the ready for updating & or reference for others.

Digital health devices have helped me immensely, so I felt this page was in order to be able to have an easily accessible archive to showcase these products & the impact they have had on me.

Some of these products aren’t digital, but are still useful or good hacks to have.  I include them too because they are just as important in helping me function better on a daily basis.

Digital Device posts: 

Smart Pulse Oximeters

Smart Thermometers

Smart Inhalers

Why Are the Majority of Microspirometers NOT Smart But Expensive?

Smart Blood Pressure

Unboxing: HÜD (Mole Scanner)

In Defense of Digital Health Devices

Smart Vital Sign(s) & Skin Monitoring

Smart Blood Pressure & Glucose Monitoring

Worthwhile IndieGoGo for “Lungies”

Feeding My Inner (Digital) Geek Helps Me Stay Healthier

Pill Tracking

iHealth Wireless Pulse Oximeter

Tricella Bluetooth Pillbox


Review: Pill Drill

Review: Dario Glucose Meter

Review: Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer

Review/Beta Test: MySpiroo

App reviews/spotlights, Useful Websites & Podcasts

Clearing Some Space

Transplant Hero App

Drug/Supplement/Herb Interaction Checkers: An Important Resource To Be Aware Of

Great Times, Great Podcasts!

Digital Health company profiles: 

Connecting Non-Connected Health Devices

Company Profile: AidCube: (Press Release) Lung Transplant Patients use Telehealth at Home

Oxygen hacks: 

Life-Hacking Oxygen (Part 1)

Life-Hacking Oxygen (Part 2)

Life-Hacking Oxygen (Part 3) – Stay Tuned

Life-Hacking Oxygen (Part 4)

New Supplemental Oxygen Technology: 

Test Driving The NIOV: Exercise

Test Driving The Niov System

Useful products (may be non-digital): 

Review: Tricalm

Another Interesting & Useful Kickstarter Project

Medical Bracelet Considerations

Other “Smart” & “Not So Smart” Ideas

Review: PillSuite System

Drink More Water!

Review: Mo’s Dream Cream

Interesting IndieGogo Gadget: Sunscreenr

Review: Therapeutix TENS Unit RXL Ultra

Fellow blogger reviews & posts on digital, & other products & services/Commentary on other digital health articles:

Interesting Perspective: When Are We Empowering Users, & When Are We Just Being Lazy?

(Carolyn Thomas) Heart Sisters: Self-Tracking Device? Got it. Tried It. Ditched It

(Healthcare Leadership Blog): Gamification in Healthcare – Let’s Play

(Chelsea Freund) New Diet New Rules [DineSafe App]

(Chelsea Freund) Did I or didn’t I? [PillSuite Review]

(J.W. Cain) Breakthrough Pain or Getting Worse? [mentions Quell]

(David Lee Scher): The Digital Health Corner Blog [valued professional insights]

(David Lee Scher) Insights [professional analysis on digital health]

(Chelsea Freund): Stick It Where the Sun Don’t Shine: [Bidet Review]

(Kristine from A Life Well Red Blog) Quell The Pain With ‘Quell’s’ Pain Relieving Device

(When Tania Talks) Hay Fever Relief App Review