2Breathe System – Sleep Help Is Here…

I have pretty much tried everything I can to help me when I have trouble sleeping.

I can’t take Melatonin because it interacts with some meds,  Valerian I save only for mild sedation because with my kidney issues I can’t take it very often.

To some degree I do have success with Sleepytime Tea & Rescue Remedy Sleep Melts but not always or consistently.   I don’t want to take an over the counter sleep aid because the ones I’ve tried make me extremely drowsy.   I tried Ambien after some surgeries but I hated how I felt when I woke up.

I noticed since I was doing Headspace (which I need to get back to) before I slept I would settle down much better.  I wouldn’t fall sleep but it definitely relaxed me.

I came across this system & while pricey I ordered it out of frustration when I had at least 3-4 days in a row where I was getting crappy sleep & I had tried everything to no avail.

I knew this was going to get worse for me after transplant too as my sleep always has problems resetting after surgery. I know from others in my support group (who have been transplanted at my hospital) that sometimes the transplant drugs also make it worse.

In my hunt, I came across this device, the 2Breathe.  It was a bit out of my normal price range at $199,  but I used some of my tax refund to cover the cost.

Wearing a sensor & using the app with the guiding tones it progressively prolongs exhalation & slows your breathing. This helps induce sleep naturally.  Once it senses you’re asleep it shuts off.

These tones are not pre-recorded like most apps are.

These tones are in real-time & it senses your breathing patterns.  There are 3 different melodies to choose from, so if you get sick of one or can’t stand it, there’s another option.

In addition, 2Breathe really stands behind their product. They also send helpful email tips.  From these emails, I did some more precise calibration of the tones to make them easier for me to follow which gave me much better results than when I had tried on my own before.

They also offer sleep coaching & follow up after the sale.

Immediately after purchasing the device they did call me to verify I wanted it. That I had in fact ordered it.   Then a few days after they saw I had received it & started using the app, they followed up with me via email & a phone call to see if I had any questions or concerns.

In fact, the device worked so well that I’ve been falling asleep better on my own lately.

I just received a call recently from them because they noticed I stopped using the app. They wanted to be sure I was ok.

I had explained to them too that I was reserving the device for use when I had trouble sleeping because that’s when I needed it the most.  I said the reporting & everything was helpful, but my immediate need was to have something that worked & to use when I needed it,  which may not always be daily.  They understood that.

It’s simple & easy to wear & use.  I haven’t slept in it.  I usually slip it off as I’m drifting off but I imagine one day I’ll fall asleep with it, but if I do it’s durable yet not going to get in my way if I roll over.

I plan on taking it with me in my transplant bag because even if I don’t use it in the hospital (which I hope I can because I think it will be a good distractor over hospital noise) I might for rehab.

I’m also finding I’m calmed after I use it even if 30 minutes go by and I don’t sleep with the tones in one session which has happened only once. Immediately after it concluded though I yawned and relaxed and fell asleep shortly after, probably not even 10 minutes later.

I know other reviewers had said it didn’t work for them for sleep but had worked for them for relaxation. Or for times when they didn’t have focus to meditate. I can definitely see that & might try exploring those options too because it is very relaxing.

I will say it’s nice to get calls or an occasional email from the company asking my sincere feedback on the product.  They really want to know if it is working for me & I’m happy with it.  That is a nice surprise me because most companies don’t offer this outreach regularly or if they do – typically the coaching is NOT free.

The device does come with a 60-day return policy.

The company’s technology is proven because this is the same company that invented RESPeRATE,  a blood pressure lowering device which actually uses similar principles.

Though the 2Breathe is not marketed as medical device it didn’t matter. I thought it was worth trying because hypnosis & mindfulness apps, while not working fully, did help some.

I felt I could try this for at least 30 days of the 60 day period & if it didn’t work for me, I’d simply return it.

I’m really happy I have it & that it works.

I’ve done a lot of searching on apps & devices & hadn’t found anything like this. To me it was a worthwhile investment.

(I’ve attached some photos I took as I unboxed the device.  The first photo is the inside box.  The second photo is the sensor. The third photo is everything unboxed. The final photo is outer sleeve that goes around the box.  Very attractive yet compact packaging & the little bag is the perfect size to hold the sensor.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(DISCLAIMER:  I ordered this device directly from the company’s website.   I thought doing a review might be a useful way to share information with others who might be interested or needing such device for their own personal use. This analysis in no way constitutes medical advice or product endorsement.  I try to keep the devices I select for personal use, profiling, & reviewing in an affordable price range. Often $50 or less where possible. [This was over my price point but I felt it worth it due to the uniqueness of the need it addressed.]  If a device is more expensive, I make that clear & try to point out the device’s practicality & uniqueness in assisting me with my personal health management.)



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