Transplant Hero App: A Transplant Surgeon Gives Back

I found a great free app I’m hoping to try out after my next appointment. If not then, I know I will definitely use it post-transplant.

I thought it would be great to pass this information along to others who have trouble managing their transplant medications or haven’t found a medication management app that they like yet.

It can be difficult at times to stay on top of the multitude of medicines we have to take. Especially if different medicines have to be taken at several different times throughout the day.

The nice thing about this app, Transplant Hero, is that it was developed by a transplant surgeon for the community who understands this issue all too well.

I reached out to Dr. Jay Graham (the creator) to ask him a little bit more about the app & what led him to develop it. He also outlines what makes Transplant Hero a bit different than other medication management apps currently out on the market.

He graciously agreed to send me a few thoughts & I’m happy to publish them below.

“Transplant Hero is a labor of love that developed because I wanted to give something to a community that has a given me so much.   As a transplant surgeon, I also wanted to help solve the pressing problem of medication adherence.   I am under no delusion, taking “meds” day in and day out is fraught with complexities—it’s hard work.   Essentially, I developed Transplant Hero to simplify the process.

Transplant Hero is a beautifully created App that helps transplant patients deal with the seemingly impossible task of taking their immunosuppression medicines in a timely fashion. At the core, Transplant Hero is an alarm system that alerts the user when it is time to take their medication—but it is so much more! It is an interactive, educational and simple to use tool that offers users positive reinforcement.   Transplant Hero even has features that allow one to email their immunosuppression regimen to their healthcare provider so as to improve communication between the patient and clinician.  More recently, with the newest version, I am proud to give patients what they have wanted from Transplant Hero—more medications and flexibility.   

I think the future is bright for Transplant Hero and I am so excited to announce that an Android version will be ready for download in March.   As we close in on the 1-year anniversary of the release of Transplant Hero, the feedback and “thank yous” have been overwhelming—but I think if Transplant Hero can prevent just one graft rejection…that is the biggest thank you of all.”


Dr. Graham

I appreciate Dr. Graham taking the time to reply to me & interact. He also has an excellent video on kidney transplant.

I have found that there are quite a few compassionate & dedicated doctors in the field of transplantation that do constantly work to attempt to make the transplant journey easier & improve our quality of life so I think it’s a wonderful thing that Dr. Graham has done.  It meets an important need.

I think it is also really wonderful to see that our community does have access to applications that can take some of the confusion & hardship out of our medication scheduling.

This app seems to address our unique needs quite well & better than just a standard medical alarm application or medication manager might.

Best of all, Dr. Graham is always interested in hearing feedback on the application to make it better & more user-friendly. I see him interact with many people in several online transplant communities. I think that outreach & care is important.

I also think for younger transplantees the fact that there’s a bit of gamification built into it makes Transplant Hero more fun to use.


3 thoughts on “Transplant Hero App: A Transplant Surgeon Gives Back

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