Cotton Candy Machines Could Revolutionize Organ Transplantation

This article brings out the kid in me & makes me want to get a Nostalgia Electrics cotton candy machine to play around with…

Yet, it’s not child’s play.  It really is interesting & novel what they are doing with cell tissue in this instance.

It’s not tomfoolery either. Results have been reported & published in a scientific journal.

This seems to be a promising & economically feasible way to lead to more advances in transplantation & closing the organ shortage gap. Also, it’s an innovative way to keep progress moving in tissue engineering & artificial organ development.

Happy Sunday! I felt this was an interesting, fun, & whimsical news item to stumble upon.

I love passing around articles like this because it makes science very cool & relatable to the average person.

I also am all for less costly ways to get where we need to be. I’m also in favor of using existing technology & re-purposing it in creative ways.






3 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Machines Could Revolutionize Organ Transplantation

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    New liver, comin’ right up! I hear it’s a little too sweet to have with some fava beans and a nice chianti…

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