Blink Health Pricing Sometimes Beats GoodRx

I had to start using an Accu-chek meter, since I lost the headphone jack when I upgraded my iphone (for free) recently.

My Dario meter, which I loved, couldn’t be guaranteed accurate with using the new Apple dongle/adapter.

They are working on a compatible replacement part but it still has to go through FDA approval so who knows how long that will take.

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Connecting Non-Connected Health Devices

As I was preparing for Sickadilly Chat #4, Let’s talk about Tech, Baby! I came across an interesting company.   I reached out to them for a bit more information & then set up a call to discuss.  It didn’t make it of course in time for the Blab but I still thought it was worthy of a post & share.

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Transplant Hero App: A Transplant Surgeon Gives Back

I found a great free app I’m hoping to try out after my next appointment. If not then, I know I will definitely use it post-transplant.

I thought it would be great to pass this information along to others who have trouble managing their transplant medications or haven’t found a medication management app that they like yet.

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