Unboxing: HÜD (Mole Scanner)

Lately I’ve been actually receiving these devices I’ve ordered through Indiegogo.

I haven’t had the chance to try out my Accutension blood pressure kit yet because the company has been promising some video updates & further instruction since I found the enclosed instructions a bit confusing.  I didn’t want to review that device until I had all the possible tools & instructions available to give it a fair & honest review.

The latest device to arrive on Friday was my smart mole scanner.

Back in a previous post on 12/29, I talked about potentially backing a dermlite for future use.  Since Accutension sent me a free kit, I used that refund to back the HÜD (& then I was only out about $20 more).

This device is harder to review & test because while there are other smart derm lights out there on the market, they are more expensive (closer to $300) & geared towards professionals versus home use from what I’ve seen.

The HÜD even on other sites now, (post launch) is still less than $100, making it much more affordable.

None of the other devices have the First Derm technology bundled in.  This telemedicine feature enables someone to take a picture & actually pay a small fee to have a dermatologist analyze the results & let someone know if it’s something that needs to be checked or further addressed.

I luckily haven’t had a situation yet where I’ve had a trouble spot to actually test the performance.  I chose the level I did to back because it included not only the device, but also a free analysis for one troublesome spot.

That perk aside, I knew this would be something useful after transplant if I did have something pop up that was questionable, even if I didn’t use the telemedicine feature & just took the pictures to show a dermatologist.

(Many transplant patients are at a higher risk of skin cancer due to the immunosuppressants & other drugs they take.)

I was impressed with the packaging & attention to detail with this device.  It is simple to use & charge.  If I upgrade my phone & the case no longer works, I can use the universal mount instead.

I embedded a little slideshow below so as I unboxed the different components, they are readily visible.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The First Derm app downloaded quickly. What I didn’t see was the part of the app that said it had a skin cancer “training.”  According to the description on Indiegogo the app was not only to have the telemedicine feature, but it was also supposed to show how to look for trouble spots on the body & what areas might be questionable & worth analyzing.

I didn’t see this within the app itself just yet, but I did find a skin cancer guide here.  I’m hoping they’ll build that in at a future date though, because it did take some digging to find the guide.  It would be nice to have that available in the app itself.

This seems to be a device that not only works with iPhone, but would also work with Android devices.

The only other thing I wish they would have included was some kind of small case or pouch for storage.  I’m keeping it in the box for now, but that’s not as low profile. I’m sure I can probably find something that will work.

(DISCLAIMER: I was not paid by this company or sent a free device.  I ordered the HUD on my own through a crowdfunding campaign.   I thought doing an unboxing might be a useful way to share information with others who might be interested. This analysis in no way constitutes medical advice or product endorsement.  I try to keep the devices I select for personal use, profiling, & reviewing in an affordable price range. Often $50 or less where possible.  This was a bit more expensive but it was purchased  for practicality & uniqueness in assisting with personal health issues.)



2 thoughts on “Unboxing: HÜD (Mole Scanner)

  1. The gadget geek in me honors the gadget geek in you. That being said, I want to drive 20 hours to your house so I can test this out. My family has a very, very strong history of melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma (both have turned to stage IV cancer, and I have the proclivity for both, according to my gene testing), and I have a two particular spots that are always of interest and closely monitored as opposed to the rest of my marks. I also had some mutated cells removed from my nose while I was still living in AZ. I think this little gadget has great potential.

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  2. be careful what you wish for… I might finagle something for you now knowing this fact, my friend.


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