Smart Vital Sign(s) & Skin Monitoring

I know I mentioned the company Safe Heart in my prior post about smart blood pressure & glucose monitoring devices.

Their iOximeter (pulse oximeter) was OK for the price range & handy because it used the headphone jack instead of the charging port. They now have an updated model that retails for $10 more.

I kept that oximeter at work for a back-up (especially in case my old cheapie gave out or the battery died) & I liked it well enough. (Problem is when I had to stop working abruptly that was left there at my desk so I’ll have to wait to talk with someone to see if they can mail it out to me).

I will say though that the app wasn’t as user friendly as my primary “smart” pulse oximeter, my Masimo iSp02, was. (I lucked out and scored an open box steal of a deal on this around this time last year or year before. I love it. I just wish more of my friends could find a good deal on it to make it more affordable for them. Yet it was a solid investment for me for what it does & how it holds up.)

I also found although Safe Heart said their oximeter would do continuous overnight monitoring (which was why I selected this as a back-up option in the first place), the result was less than stellar. I tried it & it wouldn’t work for me.  It was a tad uncomfortable to wear that long (felt really tight on my finger), the cable was too short (even with my phone next to my bed) so I’d pull it out if I tried rolling over. Even with my phone in airplane mode it still sucked plenty of battery life.  I wasn’t sure it would go the distance of the night, so I gave up about 4 hours in.

For those looking for a cheaper, no frills, smart oximeter there is the Kenek Edge or  iHealth‘s model.  They are in the same (or less) price range as the Safe Heart models. (Yet, android users may have to take a closer look as some models it appears are exclusive to iPhone.)

Another thing  I know I’ll need to monitor quite frequently post transplant (at least to start with) is my temperature.  I get smartphone help here too.

I’m likely going to stay with my Kinsa smart (stick) thermometer, unless I see a greater need for something. If my doctors say I need a continuous monitoring system instead then I might get one.

I found STEMP, on Indiegogo too. It’s is a smart temperature patch.  For the price, it seems really reasonable & advanced with a robust app.  Pre-orders are available now.

I also looked at  Check-My-Temp which is a wearable band (instead of a patch) that’s slightly less expensive but also has great features & does continuous monitoring.

The highest priced smart patch thermometer I saw that is actually out on the market now is being sold by Feversmart. It sells for $129.00 which seems a bit out of most people’s price range.  It is also a continuous monitoring system (like the other two devices).

I also saw a smart ear thermometer on Indiegogo as well, called Tympani.  It is a mention because even though it’s more expensive than a Kinsa stick thermometer, it may be a nice alternative who prefer taking temps in the ear instead. It won’t do continuous monitoring but looks like a great portable thermometer to have handy.They also appear to be developing a great telemedicine app to accompany it.

The smart ear thermometer that Kinsa’s launched & has available on the market now is more expensive & less portable than Tympani but I’m sure is just as accurate as their stick model, so it’s still worth looking at.

Also transplantees often have to get checks for skin cancer.  This device, called HUD, may be something I consider in the future, once it actually comes to market.

My only qualm about getting the device now is wondering if it will be compatible if I upgrade my cell phone anytime soon, particularly if they change the design or form factor of the iphone or it’s camera with the next version.

Yet, for those people with expensive co-pays, in rural areas with few specialists, or at high risk for cancer & with not-so-great insurance (like a high deductible) this might be worth looking at, so I thought I’d give it a mention in closing in case it helps someone else.

I know I talked about Dr. Poket & Wing before in previous blog posts too & how I found them through crowdfunding sources too.

The more health self-maintenance I can automate & track the data on  or through my phone, the easier it will be for me to manage & do consistently.

(Keep in mind, anything I’ve highlighted in the past few days, the following disclaimer holds true: This is by no means an endorsement or advertisement.  But I enjoy highlighting worthwhile tools that leverage technology in interesting, easy-to-use, & practical ways.)


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