Drink More Water!

Speaking of health, I noticed I have inherited my grandma’s (mom’s mom) distaste for drinking plain water.  I had been doing better about drinking plain water more often (& still do better than I did in the past) but I tend to go in streaks.  Overall, I still probably drink less than I should.

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to attempt to drink more water.  This in addition to spending less time on social media during the holidays are the only resolutions I am making.

So far I’ve kept the second. The first… not so much, yet.

Enter another grand experiment courtesy of IndieGoGo.  I figured The Right Cup was worth a try to help.

I know it sounds hokey, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to see if it works.

It sounds like a stupid & simple resolution. People will wonder why I bother to make it until I mention to them roughly how many glasses of water I actually drink in a day.  (Then it makes sense why I’m hoping to improve my average).

I’ve tried Mio & a few of those other flavor enhancers to increase it in the past. I’ve kind of gotten sick & burnt out of most of them. I end up in general adding more of those additives than I would like to get it to taste like much of anything.

I figured even if this cup project doesn’t work, the purchase was made with Christmas money, so technically I’m not (personally) out anything for having tried…

Supposedly, the flavor that is built into these things lasts at least 6 months, maybe longer.

We’ll see.  (I do wish it came with a lid or a cover to make it more portable.)

I know that myfitnesspal & a few other apps can track water consumption on my Fitbit Charge HR (as did my Jawbone up24 before I upgraded my band for a holiday gift), but that alone wasn’t enough incentive for me either, believe me, I tried that first.

Now, if we want to talk about crazy investments or throwing away loot in the name of taking the notion of “smarting” up your water, I see potential for that to happen for fitness people & tech junkies.

Taking this to the next level, this racket is called a smart bottle.

Seed is the latest smart water bottle on Indiegogo. Yet, it isn’t the first.

Spritz is a ruggedized model & promises to play music. It also does track your water intake. Next to the Seed it looks less sleek & fancy, yet at least it’s more practical since it’s multi-purpose.

Kickstarter I think had the smart bottle idea first.

Initially, a search showed 4 different kinds of bottles were proposed. Only two were successfully funded.  

Trago was one & Hidrate Spark was the other. Both were staff picks & have less features than Seed.

I think they do have a greater variety of sizes & color choices (if that matters).

Hydrate Spark is available on pre-order now.

CrookedBrains.Net has a list of even more smart bottles that was dated January 22, 2015,  which apparently is when all this started (probably after other people had made a similar resolution in 2015).

Guess I am a little late to the party with noticing this trend & implementing this resolution.  It appears though there is will be no shortage in slowing the arc of developing these kinds of bottles any time soon from what I can see.

I’m not sure I’m ready to jump on this smart bottle bandwagon just yet. Maybe I’ll think about it once they come closer to the price point of a regular sport bottle.

Or, perhaps that’s something for next Christmas…




One thought on “Drink More Water!

  1. I’ve been named waterholist at school…I always carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go. Since I taught my body that abundant water is (always) coming, I’m probably never able to stop drinking a lot since my body’s gotten very efficient in excreting it out and without my bottle I get dehydrated FAST…

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