True Jewels Dolls Proceeds Help Family Member Who Needs A Transplant

I know I talk sometimes about unique dolls.  I am fascinated with them & of course am a kid at heart.

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Drink More Water!

Speaking of health, I noticed I have inherited my grandma’s (mom’s mom) distaste for drinking plain water.  I had been doing better about drinking plain water more often (& still do better than I did in the past) but I tend to go in streaks.  Overall, I still probably drink less than I should.

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to attempt to drink more water.  This in addition to spending less time on social media during the holidays are the only resolutions I am making.

So far I’ve kept the second. The first… not so much, yet.

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Smart Blood Pressure & Glucose Monitoring

I recently found out my Mobicuff is STILL is in development. I did the pre-order back in April.  It’s a smart phone enabled blood pressure kit.

I know sometimes these devices take time to enhance & develop but admittedly I was a bit frustrated with the reply I did receive back from Safe Heart customer service after I followed up.  They didn’t have a target date for me to receive it.  I’d rather they take their time & get it right but I wish they’d be more forthcoming with email status updates to people who did place pre-orders some time ago.

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Crowdfunding Research: A New NonProfit Funding Vehicle?

I waited to comment on this campaign until after it was over.  I didn’t want it to color or cloud the novelty & I also wanted an honest evaluation of meeting the outlined expectations & goals.  The TS Alliance works very hard on creating new & innovative ways to fund research. I will always appreciate & champion that.   That said, I do think this is worthy of a larger discussion because certainly other organizations will see this & try & copy or put their own spin on it; which could raise some potential red flags. I’m not “picking on” the organization with these thoughts.  I’m playing devil’s advocate because I know other organizations are certain to see this. They’ll also want to try to replicate it for themselves (like any new idea). They may already be doing that & I’m just not aware of it.

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Why I Opted NOT To Crowdfund

While I had some free time I was exploring how best to start raising funds for my transplant. The reality is even if I’m not listed right away I will need to get some funds coming in.  I am a big fan of crowdfunding as a general rule. I’ve backed some interesting projects, games, & technologies on both Indiegogo & Kickstarter.  I’ve also helped fellow LAM sisters, classmates, volunteer friends, & other people from my community with donating to sites like GoFundMe or JustGiving as well for personal catastrophes & to pay down medical expenses or obtain services & equipment not covered by an insurance policy.  But here’s yet another reason why I started narrowing the focus of my blog to detail the unique challenges stemming from being unmarried…this was the first real eye-opener I had to in looking to see how to finance my transplant.

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