Biomes, Schmiomes!

I learn something new every day.  I saw this news piece from Lung Disease News & found it highly interesting. 

This past week was a harder week for me because of seasonal temperature changes.  I notice once the weather gets to certain temperatures I get quite a bit of inflammation in my lungs.

I’m not sure how much of it is related to asthma (which I was also diagnosed with after LAM) or LAM processes (I’m sure it’s a mix), but I notice frequent exacerbations with changes in season & spiking of temperatures.

Yet after reviewing that news piece it made more sense to me as to one possible reason outside of just weather that I struggle with this issue periodically when it exacerbates on its own.

The idea of analyzing gut microbes, biomes (& microbiomes), & bacteria isn’t a new science but one that seems to be increasingly taking hold.  Explaining the importance & relevance of such processes is now going mainstream to the public.

I saw this IndiegoGo project, but a search reveals other similar crowdfunding endeavors (with varying angles & degrees of success).

I find this fascinating because I know I’ll still have LAM & asthma both after transplant. With new lungs I’ll have a better chance of fighting & managing them than I do presently.

LAM does have the potential to grow back in my lungs, but the prevalence is still lower than average of that happening.

I wonder if this is an area that might lead to further understanding, & is something worthy of further research examination in rare diseases & chronic illnesses (in general).

Could correcting imbalances somehow enable the body to fight back against such diseases with better results?  It’s interesting to think about.




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