True Jewels Dolls Proceeds Help Family Member Who Needs A Transplant

I know I talk sometimes about unique dolls.  I am fascinated with them & of course am a kid at heart.

The first post I did was on the Enchanted Dolls.  I did that after seeing Tree Change Dolls & a few other unique dolls on my friends & other people’s social media feeds.

As I was browsing Etsy one day,  I found some really cute ones that struck me.

I wasn’t even looking under something obvious like “made under dolls” or reborn dolls,   I happened to find these just doing a search of transplant gifts.

What I found were True Jewels Dolls.

Angela Palmer makes & sells these (along with her daughter) to raise money for her niece’s lung transplant.

Her niece is 30 & has Cystic Fibrosis & there’s a link to the GoFundMe page from the Etsy store.

But I just thought this was a very cute, & very awesome & creative way to raise funds.

The dolls also come wrapped, so they are nice if someone is giving it to someone as a gift after a transplant or just in general, they don’t have to worry about dust or exposure.

After even a bit more research, I found her Twitter handle, which has a timeline of both past & present dolls.

Some of these are so very adorable.  They even sell accessories & clothes for the dolls too.

I thought it was something unique to share & pass along in the hopes of raising more sales but also in sharing enjoyment of these cute works of art.

Like the Enchanted Dolls I have a hard time picking just one favorite,  but there are a few here amongst the True Jewels Dolls in the current Etsy store that definitely stand out to me.

So now you know why I had to adopt Hope. She was just too adorable to resist.

I also gave one to one of my transplant buddies as a pick me up during a bump in her recovery.

(Photo Credit: The photo as the featured image in this blog entry was taken from a listing in the  True Jewels Dolls Etsy store)




3 thoughts on “True Jewels Dolls Proceeds Help Family Member Who Needs A Transplant

  1. SO cute. Great review, too. Hope they’ll switch over from GoFundMe someday!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just so people know does HHL service Canada too or is it just the states?


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