True Jewels Dolls Proceeds Help Family Member Who Needs A Transplant

I know I talk sometimes about unique dolls.  I am fascinated with them & of course am a kid at heart.

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Review: A Love Worth Giving

I’ve watched a good number of transplant documentaries by now.  In fact, I’ve become a little obsessed with documentaries as whole at points.

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Reblog: You’re Only Allowed To Die With A Smile On Your Face

I often talk about pragmatism & realism in the face of being critically ill.   I know even with my strong will, there’s the potential for post transplant complications beyond my control to intervene & take hold & cut my life short.

This doesn’t mean I go around thinking about death all the time.

(I’m not afraid to talk about it either.)

But I must consider the fact of my mortality now, period. Especially in the wake of what I’m facing.

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Movie Review: Over My Dead Body

I really don’t know why this movie didn’t get more acclaim.  It was pretty damn awesome. But finding any follow up news took a little digging.  Which is a shame.   But I’m used to documentaries not getting as much love as feature films.

I have to say I’m quite partial to them, it’s one of my favorite genres of film.

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REBLOG: Invisible Scars: My Life Post Transplant

While I don’t have Cystic Fibrosis myself, I have some friends who do.

I can also relate to a lot of the same heartaches faced by other young people with lung disease.  That’s why I’m re-blogging this post today even though it is a bit older.

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A Day in the Life

This week is Donate Life Week in Australia (Donate Life Month is April which I will have to make a mental note of for future reference).  In honor of this, but also because this cause is so important year-round (across the country & globally),  I am highlighting transplant documentaries that show factual & accurate representations of transplant journeys.

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