Reblog: You’re Only Allowed To Die With A Smile On Your Face

I often talk about pragmatism & realism in the face of being critically ill.   I know even with my strong will, there’s the potential for post transplant complications beyond my control to intervene & take hold & cut my life short.

This doesn’t mean I go around thinking about death all the time.

(I’m not afraid to talk about it either.)

But I must consider the fact of my mortality now, period. Especially in the wake of what I’m facing.

I read through this post & so much of it resonated with me.

It was an honest & important read. So I feel it was worth sharing here because it expresses so much of what those of us in end stage lung disease live with but often don’t talk about.

Even though Andrew Ward is in the UK,  the truths he speaks to are global & universal. Thank you Andrew!



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