This is Hope…

Recently a special friend joined me on my journey.

Tomorrow, you’ll find out how I came to cross paths with her.

This is Hope.

She was made under by some very special people who are trying to help one of their loved ones.

Hope sits on my dresser reminding me that I’ve come very far on my journey & while I have farther to go yet, she knows I have it in me.

We all need a little Hope in our lives at points.

Sometimes we just have to find our own hope & invite it to share space with us.

Or find our own reminder that hope is there with us.




3 thoughts on “This is Hope…

  1. Hope is beautiful!

    We all need the twins …. Hope and Faith on the long transplant journey.

    I had my own “Hope” during mine …… a crumpled, bent photograph of my (then) 18 month old grandson. That picture went every where and saw everything except the transplant and ECMO. It was as beat up as I was.

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