Another Interesting & Useful Kickstarter Project

The reality is that once I’m post transplant there are times to avoid germs I will have to wear a mask.  I’m not super jazzed about this as I typically don’t like things over my face (even scarves in the winter on cold days). I will have to get over it, I know…

I think I found a workable solution.  I thought I’d do a post about it since there are others in the transplant, chronic illness, rare disease, or lung disease communities that might want to check it out for themselves.

It’s called an Airinum Breathing Mask. It will be fully funded, but has about 15 hours left on Kickstarter until the initial campaign ends.

The company that created it is Swedish based.  They were focused on creating something sustainable, unlike the throwaway ventilation masks that are typically out on the market.  These masks come with changeable filters that last about a month & they look more comfortable to wear.

After the Kickstarter campaign ends, they’ll be setting up a store for refill filters & also the mask, but the basic kit of 2 filters & a mask was around $37 (US dollars) on Kickstarter right now.

I felt for the reusable quality & increased wearability, the price was still within my budget to try out & see how it holds up over time.

I might have to go through that much in regular disposable masks anyway so I don’t feel that I’m out much at this point to try it.

They have several colors, designs, & sizes to choose from.

Surprised as I was to find this, it did make me happy in a sense.  If it doesn’t work I won’t be out much,  if it does then I have a more comfortable & sustainable alternative to “masking up”.

I know It’s not my usual app enabled smart device or medical gadget I usually review & comment on, but I think a worthy product to add to my “stay healthy” arsenal.  We’ll see.  I might comment later after it comes & I’ve had a chance to try out it.

Check out the product video on their Kickstarter project page for more information or take a closer look if this interests you.

Update:  The same day I posted this, one of my LAM sisters made me aware of another mask that is similar in nature but already out on the market.

Vogmask makes some very similar masks with quite a variety of styles, for a bit less.  They start around $25-30 USD.

If the Airinum Breathing Mask isn’t viable for some, maybe the Vogmask would be a suitable alternative. Though that mask looks like it has the filter is sewn in. It doesn’t appear to be replaceable.  The life of the mask is about 2 months.



7 thoughts on “Another Interesting & Useful Kickstarter Project

  1. That looks like a fantastic mask! I hope it is a success.

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  2. Awesome information, I have a rare disease and cannot get sick because it wrecks havoc on my body. I’ve been wearing the disposable blue masks and I hate them, they are so hot and uncomfortable. This looks like it would be a great alternative. Thanks for sharing this great find

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