My winter holidays are typically quiet.  I don’t venture out to the midwest during this time of year because the weather is too unpredictable, but luckily I have friends here to make it feel like a holiday anyway. I’m never alone & for that I’m grateful.

This year’s holiday season has been lower key but that’s been OK by me.   I’m glad I’ve at least felt up to enjoying them because I have had days I had seriously wondered if I would be able to.

Even with the added challenge of needing to be sure I had adequate oxygen this year, I still did quite a bit of activity in the past few days. I was happy I could feel up to it, as well as have good people around me to have fun times with.

So,  to all of you out there who may be in my position, either anticipating or receiving new organs soon, or one of those who just listed,  or having one of those first holidays post transplant (even if it’s not perfect), I’m glad you are still around for me to give a shout of solidarity to & raise a toast for hopefully better times for us all.

For those of you whose holidays are tough, are missing people important you because you or they are too far away, or if you’re experiencing a recent loss or health crisis, I’ve been there before around this time of year.

I can’t say I empathize since I can’t take away the pain or know you’re feelings exactly, but I definitely can understand & relate to it.

I can only hope you at least have one or two good friends or family members (or more) to help you through it.  Sometimes, that’s enough to help ease that pain a little, if only for a few moments.

There is no timetable on grief, so if you don’t feel up to celebrating, believe me I get that too.   I raise a toast for you to get what you need for the season.

One of the things I’ve learned to appreciate this year is the depths of love & friendship, for sure, especially in harder times.

I’m grateful for everyone who has helped me a long this way once the road became a tad more of an uphill climb.

I can only hope that that those who need a similar comfort are able to find it from someone, someplace, or both.




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