Great Times, Great Podcasts!

There’s a great chronic illness & disability podcast I found a few months after starting this blog called In Sickness & In Health.

I started interacting with the host, Cara Gael on Twitter & asked her to sit in on a Blab we did on Crowdsourcing Tough Diagnoses.

She’s such a fount of knowledge so I was humbled when she asked me to talk with her last weekend about being on her podcast. I was delighted to do so.

I’ve been on another podcast awhile back but that hasn’t posted yet.  When it does, I’ll link to it.   I think podcasts as a whole are a great way to share information.

There’s more to our conversation she’ll post in another episode at a later date.  I think she did well dividing the conversation in two episodes.

I figured I would share this episode that is posted for those who may not be that active on social media and who want to check it out.  (For luddites: podcasts only require a set of headphones, they are audio based programs. No fancy video tools required.)

I also want to share a book that I came across some time ago that might prove useful to some.

Many people have told me over time in my volunteer journey that they want to be better self-advocates.  I learned as I went, like anyone, but the author of Sick Girl Speaks, Tiffany Christensen, (who I also mentioned in a previous post), has a very helpful guide out called: Finding Your Voice in the Healthcare Maze: A Patient Advocacy Workbook.

I sincerely wish that this had been around at the start of my journey. It’s written well & a good starting point for people to build their own roadmaps from for those who may not really know how to begin.

It’s older, copyrighted in 2009, but still a good resource worth checking out for people. Even though Tiffany is a double lung recipient twice over, I love how she makes all her writing relatable to many, just using transplant & her experiences as a spring board as an illustration for advocacy.




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