Sickadilly Chat Archive

Sickadilly means “popping” or “fresh”. This is exactly what Chelsea & I had in mind with hosting these blabs. Fresh conversations on too little discussed topics in the rare disease, chronic illness, & disability communities.

As we’ve been having these conversations; we’ve archived the Blab recordings & topics here.  Now that I listed for transplant on March 1, 2016,  we’ll still hopefully be able to keep this page updated on a regular basis (but the links can always be found on our Twitter timelines.)

Feel free also to leave comments after the blabs or leave suggestions for future topics.

We’ve changed the format recently to having a guest or two with us.

The purpose of that is two-fold. We know many interesting & worthwhile people with some very insightful knowledge on these topics that really add to our conversations so we enjoy giving them the opportunity to share that knowledge. Many from within the communities we are trying to reach with these blabs.

The second reason is because many trolls, spammers, & cyberbullies have been trying to take control of blabs once they are put on-air in an open seat.  We have the right to vet our participants before allowing them to go on-air to protect our following from disruptions & intrusions.

*Disclaimer: These are idea exchanges & a forum to discuss issues of importance. Nothing mentioned in these blabs should be considered or acted upon as medical advice.  Nor do we wish to trigger or upset anyone in discussing what can sometimes be sensitive topics. Please use discretion & be respectful in voicing suggestions & opinions.*

A few ground rules we’ve established after the first few blabs:

  1. When going on air, please limit your initial sharing to 5 minutes or less at a time. Make the point & then hop off.  This will allow everyone to join in & participate.
  2. Please try to stay on topic.  While it is easy & human to go off on a tangent, we do try to focus our blabs, even if we don’t highly structure them because we feel it’s an important topic to discuss.
  3.  It can be hard but try not to talk over people when they are making a point. We do ask that fellow blabbers allow others to be heard & avoid cutting people off.
  4.  The co-hosts do reserve the right to take someone off air or redirect the conversation if someone is monopolizing the blab.  This is not personal, it’s necessary to allow everyone to fully participate.
  5.  We also reserve the right to take someone off air if they are violating the above ground rules.

Follow notices on Twitter under the hashtag #sickadillychat

Sickadilly Chat #1: Dealing With Toxic Relationships (2/5/16 3PM EST)

Sickadilly Chat #2: Self Care Strategies (2/12/16 6PM EST)

Sickadilly Chat#3: Doctor Burnout: How Can We Help? (2/19/16 5PM EST)

Sickadilly Chat#4: Let’s Talk About Tech, Baby! (2/26 3PM EST)

Sickadilly Chat#5: CrowdSourcing Tough Diagnoses (3/4 3PM EST)

Sickadilly Chat #6:  Pimp My Gear (3/11  5PM EST)

Sickadilly Chat #7:  the Challenge of Superbugs (3/18 5PM EST)

Sickadilly Chat #8:  Living Wills, Advanced Directives (4/1 3PM EST)

Sickadilly Chat #9: Patient Engagement (4/15 3PM)

Sickadilly Chat #10: Medibles/MMJ (4/22 6PM EST)

Sickadilly Chat #11: Dignity/Boundaries (4/29 2PM EST)

Sickadilly Chat #12: Mental Health (5/20, 5PM EST)


*lately chats have been on hiatus due to doctoring/medical issues for both hosts. We hope to resume them at some point*

*Note: As of 8/12/16  when I checked the replay links no longer worked.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to download the replays in time to preserve our chats & the site is now defunct. We apologize for the inconvenience. (I left the link to the Medibles chat active so in case someone is looking for the full story why Blab stopped their platform, they can access it.)


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