Transplant Newbies: Recommended Reading

I know I’ve watched a few different transplant documentaries but there are some books that have helped me travel this journey as well.  I’m sharing a few of them today & why.

Sick Girl Speaks (print only) –  This is older (written in 2007) but I found it immensely helpful when I was sick last time & struggling with my LAM lung issues. Tiffany is a lung transplant recipient but this book isn’t as much about transplant as it is self-advocacy.  (Tiffany also has some more recent self-published works that I’m checking out now & may add/comment on later.)

We Have a Match: My Journey through America’s Transplant System (print/ebook) – I was reading this while at my nephrology (kidney doc) appointment the other day. I haven’t finished it yet. What I like about this book is not only does the author share her story, she also at the end of each chapter has some self-advocacy tips, not only for her fellow transplant sojourners but for healthcare professionals to consider as well. I also like that the chapters are short, because sometimes my attention isn’t there enough to read long chapters.  I like having books I can easily pick up & put down.

The Lung Transplantation Handbook / Edition 2  (print only) – I’m partial to this because it was given to me as a gift by another LAM sister & transplantee who lives in my area.  (The author also has LAM.)  While some of it is dated, I do like how it is laid out & how it’s free of jargonese.  I’m sure the more I progress along this journey, the more I’ll dive into it.  (*I’m sure there’s probably some equivalent out there for liver or kidney or other organs. If not, then someone needs to author one. *)

The Power of Two: A Twin Triumph over Cystic Fibrosis, Updated and Expanded Edition (print/ebook) – I have yet to read this book or edition, but the movie is excellent.   I’ve often given this as a gift to transplant buddies.   Even though it’s CF focused, it’s still highly relatable to those of us with lung disease.

I’ll continue to update this post in the future as I find interesting books to read & add to the list.

I will say that Kobo, Barnes & Noble, & Amazon all have a selection of interesting books, whether they be nonfiction or fiction written by the community if one is interested & prefers e-books.  (After all, we can always use an escape.)



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