Review/Beta Testing: MySpiroo

I signed on to be a beta tester for this device a few weeks ago, maybe it’s a month or more now.  (Things have been kind of a whirlwind).  I was excited when I received the package with the Myspiroo because it’s a smart phone spirometer, which I have been hoping for even before I was transplanted.

My excitement came to a screeching halt after about 4 uses.  I’ve been waiting per the beta test agreement to provide feedback, but I have to say it won’t be pretty.

The first set of issues I experienced was getting it to hold a charge for very long.  I seemingly resolved that.

I tried again the past few days to use the device after some time away, trying again to approach it as brand new.

I watched the video in the app again.

(I’ve done about 8 million pulmonary function tests in a doctors office by now so I know it’s not ignorance or being new to testing on my part.)

I followed the set up exactly.

This time when I used it (after having shelved it a few weeks),  it was charged but I couldn’t get it to pair to bluetooth to work through my phone like I had the last time.  This is a problem because there’s an AI component attached that guides you along & gives feedback (or at least it did last time).

I tried it with just using the app & it took reads but it seemed to want twice as much breath support as I was using the first time. This would not be good for people with lower lung function as even the first time I used it felt way more stiff and seemed to require more effort than my other spirometer (which I didn’t completely understand).

It also seemed way off what my average readings were with my home spirometer the hospital gave me & said my readings were bad continually.  Well, what’s a good one according to them?

I doubt a 3.0 something FEV is bad to most of us with lung issues so I’m not understanding how they are calibrating this either & that concerns me.  I don’t think it’s accurate enough for me to use.

Above all, while the design is well thought out it’s still larger than my hospital issue spirometer, & while I received extra mouth pieces there were no instructions or advice on how often they should be changed or how they are to be cleaned.

I do now see they have a downloadable manual here, but this was not provided earlier & would have been very helpful.  (Still wouldn’t have helped me with the issues I was having today though.)

This device is not as easy to pack up or travel with as I was hoping for either.  I can’t see myself using it as much for those purposes because none of my extra cases really fit it & it didn’t come with one.

That said, I can’t in good conscience recommend this device now as it stands.  I don’t think it’s ready for prime-time at all. I’m not even sure they designed it with any lung patient input (in Poland or elsewhere).

I’m hoping that they’ll ask for feedback soon as to why I’m not using it because I’d like to be honest why I have an extreme dislike for this device (which I do not use those words lightly) & tell them why.  I am so averse to using it I’m not even sure I’ll be upset if I get kicked out of the beta test for non-use.

I’m really glad I didn’t pay for this device.  About the only thing that works how it’s supposed to is the nose clips.

I’ve enclosed a few pictures of the different components as I unboxed them.

It’s a great idea, but needs so much more work for it to be useful on a daily basis. I hope the beta testing feedback is heard and several improvements made because it does have potential for some people.



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