Company Profile: AidCube: (Press Release) Lung Transplant Patients use Telehealth at Home

I’m big on telehealth. I think it has potential because I’ve seen it work in rare disease, but here’s an interesting use I have found in Lung Transplant.

Kudos to UCSF for being so forward-thinking!  Thank you AidCube for recognizing this critical need.

This is especially important for those candidates who are a distance away from their transplant center.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a critical component not only for transplant surgery but a useful tool to learn how to exercise safely & consistently with lung disease.

Each time I’ve taken a course of pulmonary rehab it’s been different, but always beneficial, which I know is harder since I’m a younger patient & my needs may be different than other participants in the program who may be older.  But that’s the beauty of it. It can be geared to meet an individuals needs.

That’s why I’m so excited that AidCube has allowed an app based mechanism for both the therapy team & the person undergoing rehab.  On our end, it also provides video reinforcement of what we’ve learned amongst other things which can help us be sure we continue our exercises both safely & with proper form.

I hope they use this for other illness models & physical therapy based needs.

Read more here or on the AidCube website.

Though they use COPD as the disease focus in most cases, this could benefit several different patients with many different lung diseases. 


4 thoughts on “Company Profile: AidCube: (Press Release) Lung Transplant Patients use Telehealth at Home

  1. Dear Nicole. I’m really glad that you think the AidCube home-based rehab tool is able to make a difference for patients with lung disease. We are working on adapting the platform for use in other illness models, so it can become available for more patients to use at home. Thank you very much for your feedback!

    Allan Murphy, Founder & CEO at AidCube

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    • Allan do you have a number or email address I could pass on to my doctors? I’d kind of like to look into this more, actually or at least ask them about it. As a younger patient in an older rehab
      Area it can be hard to find a good program that can be geared to help me build or develop a good maintenance program with my high oxygen levels. I know my docs would be open to passing type of thing along to a therapy team to help me build up more pre-transplant while still
      Being in a place outpatient where I have access to higher flows of oxygen for exercise than I would at home. Thanks for your reply.


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