Company Profile: AidCube: (Press Release) Lung Transplant Patients use Telehealth at Home

I’m big on telehealth. I think it has potential because I’ve seen it work in rare disease, but here’s an interesting use I have found in Lung Transplant.

Kudos to UCSF for being so forward-thinking!  Thank you AidCube for recognizing this critical need.

This is especially important for those candidates who are a distance away from their transplant center.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a critical component not only for transplant surgery but a useful tool to learn how to exercise safely & consistently with lung disease.

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Virtual Visits Are In My Area! Finally!

Virtual visits have finally arrived to one of my local health systems.  They serve both people with & without insurance & the visits are $49.  This might be a good way for me to check on things if it is after hours or on a weekend.  I’m actually excited to see this.

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