Interesting News: Potential New Drug Fights Bacteria & Viruses At The Same Time

This piece from Lung Disease News really had me excited.

My viral infections sometimes morph into a bacterial infection very quickly if not monitored quickly.   I don’t always need an antibiotic but sometimes I do.  Sometimes they’ll put me on one for a particularly nasty infection because they know I can’t clear it like most people can.

I glanced over the study the article pointed to. It’s a pretty fascinating read for science geeks.

It also excited me for what it could do for others. I had a friend who could not be transplanted because she did have a particularly harsh & treatment resistant variant of Pseudomonas (which is mentioned in this article).  They were afraid that it might return after her transplant & attack the new lungs, so ultimately she couldn’t be transplanted which was heart breaking to hear.

This has the potential to not only help those of us with chronic illness, but help otherwise qualified candidates who might be turned down for this reason & would otherwise do well with transplant.




3 thoughts on “Interesting News: Potential New Drug Fights Bacteria & Viruses At The Same Time

  1. Thanks for posting this! Very interesting and something I will ask my team about during my next clinical visit. Thanks so much for sharing!

    ~ D

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