Interesting News: Potential New Drug Fights Bacteria & Viruses At The Same Time

This piece from Lung Disease News really had me excited.

My viral infections sometimes morph into a bacterial infection very quickly if not monitored quickly.   I don’t always need an antibiotic but sometimes I do.  Sometimes they’ll put me on one for a particularly nasty infection because they know I can’t clear it like most people can.

I glanced over the study the article pointed to. It’s a pretty fascinating read for science geeks.

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Someone Needs To Get Their House In Order: A Follow-Up

One of my friends from Twitter passed me this link this morning.  I do not cry easily but after I read it I was in tears because I was so upset for Che Duvall  (& his family) whose trust & care was violated by this center.

Transplant is hard enough without dying from preventable risks like this & suffering needlessly for months. His center did wrong by him (& by the three other patients whose trust was so flagrantly violated).

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Infections & Antibiotics

I saw this article in Lung Disease News a few days ago & quite literally breathed a sigh of relief.

This is always a constant question & concern whenever I go into any doctor’s office sick. My primary care doctor, an urgent care clinician, or even pulmonologist will ask me the same question: How do you feel about an antibiotic?

Um, honestly? Damned if I do, damned if I don’t…

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