Someone Needs To Get Their House In Order: A Follow-Up

One of my friends from Twitter passed me this link this morning.  I do not cry easily but after I read it I was in tears because I was so upset for Che Duvall  (& his family) whose trust & care was violated by this center.

Transplant is hard enough without dying from preventable risks like this & suffering needlessly for months. His center did wrong by him (& by the three other patients whose trust was so flagrantly violated).

While it’s disturbing, Mr. Duvall is not the first casualty of this fiasco.

In a previous post (on 9.22.15) I angrily documented the first time I had been made aware of the mold issue at UPMC.

In fact, the center had been shut down temporarily, but was allowed to re-open after a week because they had allegedly “addressed” the issue.   But as one can see, the long-term effects still wreaked havoc on 4 lives who were cut short from something entirely preventable.  This is truly maddening.

While UPMC admits fault & was seemingly confounded by how the mold exposure happened, that’s not good enough.  What is egregious & infuriating is that UPMC actually KNEW that a fungal infection (which resulted from the mold exposure) contributed to a death in 2014, but it took them almost a year, getting shut down, & their transplant center status temporarily revoked to fully address & rectify the issue.

Finally clearing this up & identifying the threat doesn’t bring these people back.

The fact that the mold exposure occurred in primarily an ICU unit negative pressure room is greatly unsettling.

When one is at their most vulnerable, they should be in the safest setting possible.

The transplant journey is hard enough without negligent acts like this entering into the equation.

Mr. Duvall  never reached his full potential or was able to enjoy his donor lungs because of greed & negligence.

Now, he & 3 others (2 died in October) are dead.  Unnecessarily.  That may seem like a small number, but it’s 4 too many because all of these deaths were preventable.

It pains me to damn this center because transplant centers are too few & far between. Especially high volume & dual listing sites like UPMC.

Yet to deny the problem or sweep it under the carpet would do a great disservice to these people & their families.

God speed, Mr. Duvall, & the three others who died unnecessarily.  I can only hope this is a rallying cry for change so similar “mistakes” are not repeated.



5 thoughts on “Someone Needs To Get Their House In Order: A Follow-Up

  1. Nikki, take no pain in your judgment of UPMC as they have broken an oath they swore to uphold as physicians, “With regard to healing the sick, I will devise and order for them the best diet, according to my judgment and means; and I will take care that they suffer no hurt or damage.”

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  2. It amazes me how valiantly Mr. Duvall held on for as long as he did in spite of the suffering he must have endured from this ordeal. The sad fact in that is he would have vibrantly enjoyed his donor lungs & had that potential stolen from him out of the gate. Thank you Dennis for your comments. I am in total agreement.


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    People enter a hospital to treat a disease, not to acquire one. Chipotle is doing a major overhaul in their disease prevention practices to make sure more customers don’t become gravely ill. If a restaurant can do it, so can a hospital.

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