Important Article: Misinformation From Brain Death Stories Impacts Organ Donation.

This article may just be for journalism nerds like me…but I’m glad Donate Life California passed this along.

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Article: Man Needs Another Miracle 20 Years After Getting New Heart

Frank Bodino’s story is incredible.  Read it for yourself here.

Yet, what’s even more incredible is how he’s being re-listed through a novel program after being turned down by 4 other centers even with his relentless dedication to taking care of his donor heart.

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Response to TYT: Teen Denied Heart Transplant Over Bad Grades

While I love the Young Turks, I’m torn on this video.  Both Cenk & Ana seem to say they understand the transplant process but they oversimplify the decisions that go into listing & selecting candidates for transplant, whether they are adults, or in this case, children.

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Lauren’s Law (In NY) – Will It Become Permanent?

There were other reasons than my differing with the way Columbia manages their transplant program & candidates care that makes me relieved that I moved out of New York City when I did.
The New York State donation rate is another.

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Response To: The Search For A ‘Perfect’ Organ Cost My Wife Her Life

This article is brutally honest.  I understand much of it & disagree with some minor points overall. I do understand & agree where Brian is coming from.  It’s a hard read.  Kicks up a lot of emotion. Continue reading

Someone Needs To Get Their House In Order: A Follow-Up

One of my friends from Twitter passed me this link this morning.  I do not cry easily but after I read it I was in tears because I was so upset for Che Duvall  (& his family) whose trust & care was violated by this center.

Transplant is hard enough without dying from preventable risks like this & suffering needlessly for months. His center did wrong by him (& by the three other patients whose trust was so flagrantly violated).

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