Article: Man Needs Another Miracle 20 Years After Getting New Heart

Frank Bodino’s story is incredible.  Read it for yourself here.

Yet, what’s even more incredible is how he’s being re-listed through a novel program after being turned down by 4 other centers even with his relentless dedication to taking care of his donor heart.

What’s fascinating is why other centers haven’t caught on to the Mt. Sinai “alternate listing” approach yet.

I think it would save some important organs that were rejected by other centers from going to waste.

I know I’ve blogged about this sporadically before in past blog posts, but it is an important consideration to think about.

Back in February, The Atlantic had a great article on this that I somehow missed posting before now. While that mainly reported on kidneys & livers, it appears that hearts are not immune to this issue either.

I hope to see another update on Frank in the near future that he received a transplant. I know he’ll care for this heart with just as much love, respect, & care as he did the first time around.





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