Review: Mo’s Dream Cream

(Disclaimer: I have been given this product as part of a sponsored product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.)

I am very skeptical & tough when it comes to pain creams.   Mostly because I found that they don’t do that much for me (if they work at all).    I didn’t hold out much hope when I was approached to review this product.

I have a very weird type of pain.   It’s part nerve, part inflammatory & part rib.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had my lungs glued to my chest wall to keep them from collapsing. I’m sure some of my pain is also from scaring & adhesions.  So it can be tough to treat even in the past when it would come & go.   Add now, LAM cysts occasionally popping &/or just the pain of end stage lung disease & it’s fairly significant & intense.

So when I was asked to review Mo’s Dream Cream I didn’t hold out much hope. Especially because I had tried the drugstore versions of roll-on capsaicin before for knee problems & arthritis there & it didn’t seem to have much effect.

I certainly didn’t think it would help, but since it was non drug & wouldn’t hurt or interact with anything, I decided to try it and review it.

The ingredients are simple: Capsaicin paste, essential oils, cocoa butter & glycerin in the lotion. Capsaicin, & various oils in the stick.

The interesting thing is that it’s made by a woman who suffers from chronic pain.  She sent me a nice note explaining her process of making the capsaicin paste which I think does differ than the over the counter methods.

I tried the stick first because I felt a bit of pain come on just as I was about to leave the house for some errands.  It was significant but since I was going out I didn’t want to take my usual pain medicines because I don’t like driving with them, even if I’m adjusted.   I tried the stick in an attempt for a quick fix.   By the time I was out to the door, I felt a significant difference & I’d say it lasted at least 4 hours.

Later that evening, I started developing a pang of pain in another spot that was lower in my rib area. I hadn’t applied the stick here.   Since it was on towards evening, I tried the lotion & just did a complete re-application of the whole area of my chest & ribs for the night.    Again I was skeptical, but it appeared to work in some fashion but also a bit more quickly.

Normally, I get these episodes every 3 days or so.

So based on that cycle, I know I will try it again in the future, hoping to repeat the results.

I also found that applying it on my chest that evening it also felt like vapor rub as far as the sensation. It did help open my nasal passages.

I say for the price & ingredients, it’s worth people trying to see if it makes a difference for them at least once. I was definitely surprised.

I just at least like reviewing products like this because if even something small helps the pain, to me it’s worth trying.  Especially if it won’t interact with any of the drugs I take.

I like the fact that the roller is great to have in my purse to be able to carry around something with me if I happen to be out of the house when it hits.

Included in my little review package of information was a handy chart for the type of pain and uses for the cream. The chart also includes information on when pain relief might begin to be felt & for long it might last.

I’d say the estimates are pretty accurate to the results I achieved.

It is worth noting that I do have sensitive skin, but the cream didn’t seem to irritate it. People with sensitive skin might react to capsaicin.  I’d recommend testing a small area first. I’m glad the owner is upfront about what she puts in it as far as oils & ingredients, it’s clear on the package.  At least you know the reaction won’t be to some synthetic ingredient or preservative.

The only thing I’d further suggest from Keri at Mo’s is that she include information on the shelf life. I see she labeled my bottle with a date when she made it. But I’m not sure since it is a natural product how long it will last once opened or if it loses effect after a certain period of time.

Maybe adding a best used by [date]  would be helpful.

Even if I try it in the future & the results aren’t as potent as the first time, I do see it that it could make a difference in dialing down my pain. That makes me extremely grateful.

Especially with a complex pain like this where it’s several different types in one.

(NOTE: If you are interested in trying this product yourself, my blog readers do get a promo code to use. Type in NICOLE4U to receive a 10% discount on products & promotions. The code does not expire.)




2 thoughts on “Review: Mo’s Dream Cream

  1. Hi Nicole,

    You’re right! I should put a use by date! Just to let your readers know, the Lotion has a shelf life of a minimum of seven months. As long as it is kept out of direct sunlight it will last even longer. The stick form does not have a shelflife that we have found after two years of making it, the original stick is just as effective as when it was first made! Another wonderful hint is to put the lotion in the refrigerator. It thickens and feels so good going on especially during the hot summer months. I’m glad that you enjoyed it and I hope your readers enjoy it just as well! Hugs to all!


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