Laughter & Play = Best Medicine

As part of my last pre-transplant hurrahs, I was able to attend the Steel Stacks Improv Festival this weekend to see my bestie & a few other friends perform.  In addition,  I also saw many great groups from the region.  Some I had seen from the prior year’s festival. Some were a few of my Del Close Marathon favorites.  Some were teams I had made a point to see because there are people in them who have been a big part of my improv journey & learning.  Others were new. It’s a nice mix.

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Get In On the 1000 Scenes Project – There’s Still Time!

So, I’m taking a personal risk here because I want to be sure someone reaches their goal.  Many of you have heard me talk about what a wonderful gift & fun hobby improv has been to me since a friend encouraged me to learn it a few years ago.  I love watching others perform as much as I enjoy performing.

Even after I started oxygen in April, so many people in my own improv community have been so supportive & encouraged me to keep going as I can.   My machines & tubing are virtually invisible to my team & my friends. I’m fortunate in that regard, that they make it an inclusive & warm community  locally.

So many people I’ve known from workshops I’ve taken over time, people who have taught or coached me, friends, other people I’ve met, & performers I’ve admired have all offered their support once they found out I needed a lung transplant.  But that’s not what I’m posting about today.  Continue reading

I Dared Myself & Won

Well, I accomplished my goal yesterday.   I finished something I had never undertaken before, a novel.  At 50,000 words it’s probably more like a novella, but it’s the basis of something good. I do know that.

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The Importance of Connections & Community

Today, I managed to accomplish a few things, but not what I wanted. I felt OK this morning but had an energy dip today later along with some residual stomach stuff that’s been going around. However, I was still proud of myself of being able to work with a low energy equation.  But sometimes, you get extra energy just by being. (Other people can also transmit a boost).

I know many post-transplant friends have told me that the experience changes you, but I had no idea how until recently. Not all the changes are painful; all are meaningful… Continue reading

“Yes And” Is the New “Just Do It!”

I’ve always enjoyed comedy, but I’m a fairly serious person. In fact, sometimes I can be downright anal when it comes to certain elements in my life.   But people sometimes will laugh at things I say & do because I find humor in things that others don’t.  It’s sometimes off-beat, corny, dry & snarky.  But it’s always been (to some degree) a defense mechanism.

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