Get In On the 1000 Scenes Project – There’s Still Time!

So, I’m taking a personal risk here because I want to be sure someone reaches their goal.  Many of you have heard me talk about what a wonderful gift & fun hobby improv has been to me since a friend encouraged me to learn it a few years ago.  I love watching others perform as much as I enjoy performing.

Even after I started oxygen in April, so many people in my own improv community have been so supportive & encouraged me to keep going as I can.   My machines & tubing are virtually invisible to my team & my friends. I’m fortunate in that regard, that they make it an inclusive & warm community  locally.

So many people I’ve known from workshops I’ve taken over time, people who have taught or coached me, friends, other people I’ve met, & performers I’ve admired have all offered their support once they found out I needed a lung transplant.  But that’s not what I’m posting about today. 

Many have heard me talk occasionally about personal growth & taking on new challenges. This has taken on greater importance to me now.

Well, there’s a great example of this that I’ve seen unfold this past year.  I truly admire it.

Morgan Phillips,  a gifted improvisor,  started a project on the first of the year.  It’s called the 1,000 Scenes Project.  In it, he’s attempting to do 1,000 different improv scenes with 1,000 different improvisors from anywhere & everywhere.  It’s quite an ambitious undertaking, but one I admire.  I’ve done a scene with him as well as several of my friends.  He makes it very fun & easy to participate.

As of today, December 1, 2015, he’s only 190 scenes away from meeting this milestone.

Therefore, if you’re reading this and are an improvisor or have ever wanted to try your hand at it,  I suggest you contact him.

It’s very easy to get involved.  He takes everyone whether they are a rookie or veteran & creates some very beautiful & cool work.

You can see the archive of each guest that’s done a scene with him here.   I was lucky enough to be Guest #167, and I throughly enjoyed it.

This meant a lot to me to able to be a part of, and I think Morgan has done a wonderful thing.   I sincerely hope that the last 190 participants step forward so he can meet this goal.   It’s truly an awesome undertaking.



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