Book Reviews

I’m doing a lot of reading during my wait time.  Probably will do more during my recovery.

I can’t say it’s easy though. Some of the drugs do affect my attention.  So for someone who did speed reading years ago, my time to get through much of anything these days is a lot longer than what it used to be.

I think also some of it is directly related to my breathing.  On really bad breathing days it feels like a chore even though I try to read some to pass the time to take my mind of the pain or the fact I have to slow to a crawl. I know I don’t retain as much either.

I’ve always been keenly interested in both nonfiction & fiction books centered on transplant.

I’m trying to flag these in Amazon as I find them, then add them to GoodReads & make my way through the list.  I’ll add to them over time.  Keep an index here of them.

I’ll try to keep these general. I don’t want to just regurgitate the dust jacket, or include more than one or two spoilers.

If I include spoilers, it’s only because it’s necessary to drive home what I think is an important point.

Some of them may be written by transplant recipients, candidates, professionals, caregivers, & donors.  Others may just have an author who thought it might make for an interesting story.  We shall see.   I’ll add to this page as the reviews post.

Some may not be necessarily a review but a suggestion on a children’s book or some book that triggers me to think about something related to my journey.  Or even a past post in my blog with a helpful reading list. I could also do one post of a meaningful gift I received & how I look forward to reading it, then in the future, another post with the actual review.

I’m hoping though that some of these can help give candidates, recipients, caregivers, & their loved ones more of a feel or a good read with an interesting relatable storyline of the transplant experience outside of a just a textbook read.

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