It Sounds Almost Too Easy: Print An Organ

I didn’t feel up to a movie or a “regular” TV show on Monday night. I felt like I wanted to watch something to feed my inner science geek.  I was surfing on my Apple TV & remembered as a kid how occasionally I would sit still for NOVA (if the subject was interesting enough).  I was fumbling through the offerings & saw NOVA Science NOW W/Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  Since I tend to find Neil’s programs interesting, I thought I’d check out the program, “Can We Life Forever?”.  Even though this program was from 2011 (or 2012), one of the segments had something I’d seen a lot of buzz about recently….3D Bio-printing.

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When Generals Fall

I admit, there’s times I try to avoid getting too personal with this blog. But in the realm of rare disease, sometimes that line can be difficult to draw. Especially when one of your rare diseases is estimated at having a population of less than 350,000 worldwide & is predominately female.  It’s estimated that our current online support group has a little over 800 women.  Despite generalizations that women can be catty, most of us in this group play in the sandbox pretty nicely.  Yet, it’s days like today that make it difficult to sleep.

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