Transplant Video/News/Movie Links

I have decided to do actual movie reviews when I feel up to it. Yet, that’s not the purpose of this index page. I really wanted to create a helpful video archive list of past & future posts concerning depictions of transplant world in TV & Movies, as well as a way to house other important content I came across for future reference or for finding easily instead of trying to remember the month & day I blogged about a certain piece.

I’m also a documentary buff & I know there’s a few good ones out there, so I decided to do an archive page to highlight & house the links to those as well.

There’s been some very good webinars I’ve attended or hosted by some nonprofit organizations that also might be useful to others. I’ve also included those.

I probably haven’t caught every video clip I’ve posted or highlighted since I’ve started my blog but I think this catches most of them.

EXVivo & Transplant Technology Related Links: 

What Exactly is EX-VIVO Lung Perfusion?

EX-VIVO Lung Perfusion In Action: Worthwhile Videos

Healthcare/Organ Donation videos: 

Warning: This May Get Your Waterworks Going (In a Good Way)

Powerful Organ Donation Video

The Inclusive Giraffe Party: Epilepsy & Accommodation


Lung Rejection Webinar (Archive)

Lung Transplant Week: American Thoracic Society (ATS) & Lung Transplant Foundation (LTF)

Archived Webinar: Lung Transplant

Chest Pain & LAM

I’m Not Asleep…But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Awake

LAM Foundation Webinars (Index Page)

(Archived) Webinar: Screening & Management of LAM in TSC: What’s New & What’s Needed

News/Cable TV Clips: 

HOT BUTTON: Science Channel – The Unexplained Files

Response to TYT: Teen Denied Heart Transplant Over Bad Grades

TV Shows: 

Don’t Read If You Haven’t Seen House Of Cards

Heartbeat: First Two Episodes


65 Percent

65_Red Roses

The Power of Two

BBC One: Transplant Tales

Dying To Live

Movie Review: Over My Dead Body

Review: A Love Worth Giving

Movie Review: Kidneys On Ice

Movies (Other Genres) With Transplant Themes: 

Movie Review: Going In Style

Other Videos: 

Gems From Gifted Life: Videos Worth Viewing