65 Percent –New Transplant Doc

I found out about this movie much too late to back their crowdfunding campaign, but even then I was intrigued.

I found The Wave Set on social media & reached out to them wondering when the film would be released.

Cameron kindly wrote me back with the progress & then also sent me a link so I could view it for free.  I was excited that the release date was today. Which also happens to be the birthday of both brothers.  I’m trying here not to divulge too much detail or provide any spoilers since it is so new.

I’ve seen quite a few powerful transplant documentaries (like 65 Red Roses & The Power of Two), yet this was no exception.

What I loved most about this film was that it was the right mix of personal story & transplant life.  It was easy to follow & enjoyable.

I know a few people who have received liver transplants but I admit even for me, the MELD scoring system was confusing when I looked into it myself.

I liked how this documentary made sense of it in an easy to follow way.  There was just the right balance of medical facts & personal story without it being overly heavy on either.

I also have had friends who have gone through the living donor experience, mainly as recipients.

I especially love how balanced the story was between Jared (the brother donating) & Cameron (the recipient). I think this gives a more complete picture overall.

I hope that word will get out about this film.

I think it would be a great addition to support groups & transplant houses, especially for those new to transplant.

For those of us who knew that transplant was inching ever so closer, or those still waiting I think this film can bring quite a bit of comfort because it’s not unrealistically positive.  There’s quite a bit of raw emotion, but it’s comforting.

While I was waiting for my lungs, there was a certain affinity I had for “slice of life” stories about transplant as a whole (regardless of organ).  Both the positive outcome & not so positive.

Like the women with LAM who went before me & had lung transplants, there are a lot of documentaries out there with a mix – some joyful, some sorrowful experiences.

But all of those stories helped me frame my own balanced view of what I might encounter with my own transplant when the time came. That took some of the fear & sting out of the situation.

It also was a comfort to know that I wasn’t alone in feeling the frustration of the wait, of being young & sick, & having to break the news to family & friends when the time came.

Documentaries like 65 percent and others are important because they make the experience feel less lonely, misunderstood & isolating.  That is a gift.

For others who are struggling to comprehend how to support a friend or family member facing transplant, it also might help.

I think it’s great that they are offering the documentary for free to allow more people to access it and enjoy it.


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