4 Months Down…

Life with transplant is challenging no matter how much someone tries to prepare themselves for it.

I’m a little over 4 months post transplant now, & while I am definitely doing well (knock wood) not every day is as easy at it may appear.

I went to visit my primary care doctor on Monday.

I had a lingering cough that was getting deeper. I was afraid I might be on the verge of another infection.

Luckily, it was just an allergy attack.

After some Claritin, Tessalon, rest, & lots of water I am OK.

It definitely knocked me out a few days.

Even something as “benign” as allergies can be worrisome to someone post transplant & left unattended can turn ugly fast.

I’m constantly reminded that things can change on a dime.

Good health has always been a tenuous thing for me to achieve from an early age because of life with two rare diseases.  I sincerely appreciate it when I have it.

Some of my post transplant friends, despite following team instructions to the letter, are really struggling right now.

It’s hard to do anything but listen & send good energy, even though I know that helps.

It does hurt because I want to take those struggles away from them more than anything.

It seems wholly unfair to go through something major like transplant & still have to fight uphill after.

But it’s what sometimes happens & often in silence out of fear of seeming ungrateful or letting people (like their donor) down.

The harsh truth is, sometimes what happens complications wise isn’t always within our control.

We know it. It’s another trade off we make going in.  Especially the first few years.

We have to learn to try to reconcile this in our heads & hearts.

It can be hard to do.

Why does someone do so well, while another struggles when both people are doing everything they can to protect their gift?

That long 9 month wait for my lungs is still fresh in my mind.

I was recently made aware of a friend recently whose family member died waiting for a new heart.  I immediately felt a tug at my own heart strings at a painful reality in our world.

So many of us waiting have to face the reality that a new organ might not get to us in time.

That’s a heavy weight to bear, even when we share it with family & friends.

I promised myself I wasn’t going to get preachy, but this month is Donate Life month.

I’ve been doing my part to share important information on social media in the hopes that more people will register.

I implore everyone out there to please, please register as a donor if you have not already done so.

Post transplant life isn’t perfect or easy, but it is life.

That second chance, despite harsh realities & struggles is worth it to most of us who take this leap of faith.

Maybe soon, with all the new technology the waitlist will be a thing of the past, but that day is not here yet.

The need is great.

Register here

Organ Donation Facts

Donate Life Month






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