Lung Rejection Webinar (Archive)

On December 10, 2015 the American Thoracic Society (ATS) & the Lung Transplant Foundation (LTF) jointly hosted a webinar for Lung Transplant Week at the ATS. The clinician presenter was Cynthia Gries, Director of Lung Transplantation at the Florida Hospital Transplant Institute. 

Dr. Gries had an excellent presentation.  She broke things down in simple & relatable terms on this rather complex subject, which as most of us know is no easy feat.   The webinar lasted a little over an hour but was well worth the time.   I knew a few things about it beforehand, but most of it was new to me, so I was happy to learn more.

I’m posting the  webinar video here in my blog in case I need to refer back to at a later date for me to review a few things.  I also feel it is worth sharing in its entirety in the event it also helps someone else (like it helped me) understand rejection better.

Overall, I’m quite a bit more educated on the subject. As a result I’m also less fearful of this potential wrinkle because of what I learned in the webinar.  It is actually fairly common amongst most transplantees to have one bout of acute rejection within the first year, so I take the approach that I normally take — knowledge is power. You can fight a potential enemy better if you know what you’re fighting & how they fight.




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