It’s Been a Year…

Last night, I celebrated my one year transplant anniversary.  At that time in 2016, I was coming off the ventilator & breathing my first new breaths on my own.

I still remember those moments. Still remember crying when my surgeon showed me my first x-ray of my lungs.

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I am cautiously optimistic.  I admit I was very excited when I came across this press release that was posted to The Lung Transplant Foundation‘s Facebook page.  As usual, I try to temper my excitement with the reality we won’t know what’s possible for awhile or if this is just a step in the right direction.

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Lung Rejection Webinar (Archive)

On December 10, 2015 the American Thoracic Society (ATS) & the Lung Transplant Foundation (LTF) jointly hosted a webinar for Lung Transplant Week at the ATS. The clinician presenter was Cynthia Gries, Director of Lung Transplantation at the Florida Hospital Transplant Institute.  Continue reading

Lung Transplant Week: American Thoracic Society (ATS) & Lung Transplant Foundation (LTF)

I’ve spoken to the American Thoracic Society (ATS) before, worked with them professionally through Medscape, & on some other nonprofit projects.  I love this organization for several reasons.  One of them being that they circulate so much good information on so many different diseases.

The Lung Transplant Foundation (LTF) Foundation also puts great & accurate information out on their social media outlets.  That’s how I came to find out about them.

I’m glad both organizations put together this joint effort for this week to raise awareness about lung transplants.

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Transplant Advances: Simultaneous Stem Cell/Kidney Transplant – Can The Combination Negate Need For Immunosuppressants?

I was hesitant to share this particular news before because I couldn’t find any real sources to verify what phase of clinical trial it was in.  But I find this news highly promising. Yet, I’m trying not to get my hopes up too soon.

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Finding Posted On 2 Minute Medicine: New Means To Detect Rejection & Infection in Lung Transplant

This article’s interpretation of the study may be really technical for the everyday person to understand completely, but I feel it’s worthy of a mention regardless.  Also, it’s not proven fact yet because it’s only preclinical data. That said, it’s promising.  Certainly worth further study, especially if it leads to better & earlier detection of rejection & infection.  The added bonus is that it is a noninvasive & less expensive means of testing, which I know any transplantee (pre or post) would certainly welcome.

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Another Possible Tool in the Fight Against Organ Rejection

IFL this site. It always has such interesting content on science with a cool twist in its writing that is relatable to a lot of people, geeks or not.

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Important Innovation in Preventing Potential Organ Failure

I was chatting with a high school friend earlier today about how I like to “nerd out” on science but that some people’s eyes kind of glaze over when I get going.

Before the regional story broke that I felt compelled to comment on yesterday, I found an article in Scientific American that really had me excited…but took a few reads to process fully before I could comment; since it was high-level, even for me, so I understand the eye glazing now…

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