Finding Posted On 2 Minute Medicine: New Means To Detect Rejection & Infection in Lung Transplant

This article’s interpretation of the study may be really technical for the everyday person to understand completely, but I feel it’s worthy of a mention regardless.  Also, it’s not proven fact yet because it’s only preclinical data. That said, it’s promising.  Certainly worth further study, especially if it leads to better & earlier detection of rejection & infection.  The added bonus is that it is a noninvasive & less expensive means of testing, which I know any transplantee (pre or post) would certainly welcome.

I meant to share this earlier but I was not in the position to do so when I found it in later October.   Yet, I did see I had thankfully saved it. Better late than never.

Hopefully the preclinical data will prove equally solid & useful as it moves forward to further testing phases because the most current & accurate methods of detection are still invasive.



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