Another Possible Tool in the Fight Against Organ Rejection

IFL this site. It always has such interesting content on science with a cool twist in its writing that is relatable to a lot of people, geeks or not.

My bestie (& caregiver) shared this article from the site to my wall recently.  I thought it was interesting.  Yet, I still have to read up a bit because I know there are certain entities in medical marijuana that interact with immunosuppressant medicines (raise plasma levels) but I wonder if THC itself actually does & if this could work if it was isolated out by itself in oil or in edibles for those of us who can’t smoke. Or perhaps a synthetic derivative could work to eliminate the side effect issue?

Perhaps this is being done on the down low already anecdotally in compassionate use cases & I’m just not aware.  There’s still so much stigma and bad press around medical MJ & I just don’t understand why other than outdated “fuddy-duddy” thinking is at play to fuel that opposition after so many sources have shown proven benefits. There’s strong science backing therapeutic use.

I know several children with TSC and other disorders that have achieved at least a small semblance of seizure reprieve from cannabis oil, THC, & other medical MJ derivatives.  They are used safely and responsibly & there’s no “getting high” about it.

(Of course a lot of things in “transplant world” in general I’m just now coming up to speed on & learning about. Fascinating stuff.  But I always have my eyes on the horizon for potential agents that could further minimize serious risks like rejection.)

It definitely shows promise based on the results in mice. I just hope someone is forward-thinking enough to look into it further & possibly bring it to human trials one day. Especially for those transplant recipients where the standards used to combat rejection don’t quite seem to entirely do the trick as well.

Here are few more articles on the subject for further reading. This article from TechTimes also had a lot of interesting facts.  Thankfully, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) actually at least started exploring this back in 2010, so there appears to be some medical validity to it & support in at least looking at it from the research community.  I just wish I could find a link to further research but wasn’t able to at this time, at least. If I do, I may update this post at a later date.

If one does a google search under THC transplant rejection more links that are similar to these articles show up so the idea does appear to be gaining traction & getting a fair amount of press recently, so maybe eyes will be kept on it.


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