Interesting Perspective: When Are We Empowering Users, & When Are We Just Being Lazy?

My mentor, friend, & fellow advocate, Casey Quinlan, had posted this article to one of her social media pages back in December a few days before Christmas.  I had flagged it to read later & then realized I hadn’t actually read it.  I’m glad I saved it because the timing was right for me to process it.

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EHR’s: Why I Care & Why You Should

“I’m just an average person, in relatively good health…”

“I only go to doctors a few times a year, & I pay out of pocket…”

“This is a boring subject. I don’t see why anyone would care about something so frustrating & mundane.”

“All I know is that it annoys the hell out of my doctors. They don’t make eye contact with me anymore, they’re so buried in their computer or iPad.”

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In Defense of Digital Health Devices

I am very pro-research on general principle. The exception lies with “studies” (like this example) which measure only specific short-term endpoints that are inherently hard to measure & quantify.

Things like clinical & economic benefit & those associated “outcomes”.

Everyone has a different definition of “success” in these cases.  Also just because it doesn’t show something concrete in dollars & cents or in data points doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value.

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Virtual Visits Are In My Area! Finally!

Virtual visits have finally arrived to one of my local health systems.  They serve both people with & without insurance & the visits are $49.  This might be a good way for me to check on things if it is after hours or on a weekend.  I’m actually excited to see this.

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New Forms of Transplant Raise New Questions

I know I name drop Arthur Caplan’s name quite a bit. Yet, he really nails many ethical issues on the head.   I’ve been reading quite a bit on transplant advances & new forms of transplants being done lately.  It’s exciting to me on one hand, on the other it deeply conflicts me…

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Viewing Medical Professionals As People

I guess part of the reason I stayed at Medscape for as long as I did (8 years) was because I enjoyed working on content for healthcare professionals.  Doctors, nurses, pharmacists – I met many of them “virtually” or otherwise. Some of them really showed me compassion not only as a colleague but as a person trying to navigate their way through the healthcare system & give back to others & make sense of my own situation.

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Feeding My Inner (Digital) Geek Helps Me Stay Healthier

I admit it, I’m a hardcore digital & app geek. Probably equally or more so than I am a healthcare geek.  My iPhone is literally another arm. But there are valid reasons for that given everything I need to keep up with.

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