HOT BUTTON: Science Channel – The Unexplained Files

I’m really torn on how I feel about this video clip.  On the one hand, I’m not discounting the possibility that this could happen.  But on the other, I hate how it’s overtly sensationalized with only traumatic events.

I’m sure while some of these could take place & could be upsetting to the transplant recipient, I’d venture there are also cases of more subtle & more innocuous happenings (like possibly developing the same food cravings) that this clip fails to even register.

I feel clips like this are also meant to intimidate people into not having transplants or donating their organs & then are also trying to subtly perpetuate myths & stereotypes. It’s  just using another form of emotional manipulation to achieve that goal & then to try & cloak that in “science”.

While maybe some of this can happen (where there are unpleasant dreams),  I’d like to think that there might be some modicum of privacy & some willingness to help an individual through that situation. Instead of exploiting it & sensationalizing it further (as has been done here).

While the expert interviewed has most likely published papers,  there is still is an inherent bent, tone, & bias to this whole segment that I’m not at all comfortable with.  I feel it does everyone a disservice.

I would take it more seriously if they expounded & showed several different examples from very benign & subtle happenings instead of just going headlong into worst nightmare scenarios.

But then again, what can I expect? Even keyword searches I do on a daily basis to keep tabs on things to blog about (if nothing springs to mind)  yield more jokes, rude comments, myths, & insults than actual credible articles & news reports.


3 thoughts on “HOT BUTTON: Science Channel – The Unexplained Files

  1. Cellular Memory ….. I’ve studied this on and off over the years and agree that some of this is possible. In my case ….. first, I have no idea who my donor is, but I have NOT had any dreams that would suggest it was this or that type of person. My life, my thoughts, my dreams, my attitude seem almost as ordinary as pre-transplant. Secondly, my family says I have no new traits, that I am the same as I always have been.

    Though, I’ve met between 400-500 heart recipients over the years and a few have told me some stories that would make your hair stand on the back of your neck.

    I once asked one of the (most senior) doc’s on the transplant team about cellular memory …. if it existed, is it possible …… the clinical response was “That’s bull.”

    You’ll have enough to worry about post transplant, you’ll be fine.

    ~ D

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  2. I see this video as a “people oughta know” thing. When I lived in Cincinnati from 1997 to 2003, at one point I remember seeing the story about a semi driver who had pulled off on the side of a road so he could sleep. It just so happened that the driver of a small Honda fell asleep behind the wheel of her car, ran off the road and smashed herself into the semi and killed herself. The family of the woman was on the news and making a plea to have the laws changed so that no one could pull off to the side of the road for an extended amount of time. Basically, it boiled down to, “People oughta know that if you fall asleep behind the wheel and cause an accident, you might actually kill yourself if you hit a semi that is pulled off of the side of the road.” I don’t feel like this cell memory is something that happens in every case and I feel like it’s something that happens very infrequently, but my ears will certainly perk up if you come back with some stories.

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