Good Times In Spite of Crap Weather…

It was still cold & rainy today (5/1), but my body seemed to tolerate it a little better than yesterday.

Maybe because it actually rained instead of just sitting there with whatever front or pressure had just been building.

I had some pain today but it was intermittent & bearable.

It did not get in the way of me getting out of the house to enjoy my weekend.

Went for my usual Sunday brunch this morning.

Then tonight I went out again to hear some live music, which I haven’t been able to do for a few months.

It’s been something I’ve always enjoyed for as long as I can remember when I had the opportunity to hear it.  I was spoiled living in NYC for 10 years, especially before 9/11. The nightlife really was something.

I remember my first couple years there being out at least 3 nights a week, if not more.

However, my fun was a bit curtailed after 2004.   I stopped going to concerts for the most part, especially the first few years after my surgery because after my lungs were glued to my chest wall I was very sensitive to vibration.  I had to stand way back from the speakers (or sometimes stay in the back of the venue) because it was horribly uncomfortable for me.

I had to repeat that again in 2006 with my right lung. My left side was better, but again even standing on a platform waiting for the LIRR sometimes was enough to trigger that uncomfortableness too, or a passing motorcycle. I know that sounds weird, but the sensation was very real & very unpleasant.

After I moved here in 2010, I think it was the year or two after,  my friend got me tickets to Maroon 5 for my birthday for their show. It was outdoor.  I was excited. The seats were far enough back that I still could see enough, but not close enough to bother me.  We also saw after that in our arts center cafe, & that didn’t bother me either being up close.

I guess I had to just allow enough time to pass.

After that, I felt more willing occasionally to at least think about seeing something if I wanted to without having dread about being uncomfortable.

Still, I prefer to see my friends play because they often do original music but swing like hell on known favorites too. 

I’m spoiled in that regard.

Two of them played at a local restaurant this evening. It was great & I enjoyed every minute.

Sometimes it’s easy for me to get distracted & forget how much I used to love live music & still do.

I’ve always been partial to swing because I grew up hearing both my grandfathers listen to it.  I still have some of my grandfather’s old tapes.  

I know both of these friends from way back in my college radio days when I put together my own show & they sent me material from their bands. Long time buddies! 

Hopefully, I might get another chance to hear them again before my transplant.

If not, I was just glad I could feel up to going tonight.



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