Gems From Gifted Life: Videos Worth Viewing

I love these videos on the  Gifted Life Youtube channel.  I’ve seen them circulate on both Twitter & Facebook from time-to-time & I always smile when I see them.

While some have complained about these videos as being snarky or melodramatic,  I think they are delightfully tongue-in-cheek & informative.

The lovely woman in the Gifted Life videos has Cystic Fibrosis & is also a transplant recipient.

I’m sharing a few of my favorites & why I think they’re important.

Ill-Founded Excuses to NOT Become an Organ & Tissue Donor –  I love how this actually pokes fun at so many of the common excuses & myths people use to avoid becoming an organ & tissue donor.

What NOT To Say To Someone With A Chronic Illness –  I can’t say how many times I’ve heard so many of these phrases over time, even before I needed a transplant.   It’s great because until someone actually hears them in a video like this, it doesn’t hit home how judgmental or ridiculous some of these phrases sound even when the person verbalizing them isn’t meaning to be.

Things Transplant Recipients Never Say & MORE Things Transplant Recipients Never Say –  An amusing day-in-the life of common trade-offs that are made post transplant.  Entertaining & informative!

10 Things To Do While Waiting on on the Transplant List –  So few videos actually address this. I think these are good pointers for anyone dealing with a serious illness, not just waiting for a transplant.  But I love the fact that Lauren addresses this important part of the transplant process.

*Just added 2/10/16*: Organizing Medications As A Double Lung Transplant Recipient – though this is primarily geared towards post transplant patients, I think there’s some valuable insights & tips here for pre transplant patients as well as anyone with a chronic illness who is on several different medicines.

I hope some of my friends in both the blogosphere & real life will find these videos just as interesting as I did when I first discovered them.




One thought on “Gems From Gifted Life: Videos Worth Viewing

  1. Nikki – Sharing is caring, and you do it so well. I’m now subscribed to Lauren’s YouTube channel and plan to watch all of her videos. Knockin’ Wood 4U!

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