The Inclusive Giraffe Party: Epilepsy & Accommodation

I don’t re-blog content that often, but here’s another share-worthy post from fellow WP blogger Leah Kelley. I think it’s a brilliant way to raise awareness about epilepsy.  (Plus my followers all know how much I adore puppets!)

I encourage people to follow Leah’s blog, it’s outstanding! (Click on the Thirty Days of Autism Hyperlink below to access the video.)

I know many of my TSC friends will appreciate it.

Thirty Days of Autism

Kassiane teaching the Giraffes about Photo Senstive EpilepsyI brought my giraffe puppets to the TASH Conference in Portland, Oregon…  and then my friends and I made this!

Link: The Inclusive Giraffe Party – Video Transcription

Kassiane Sibley: Kassiane Sibley
Giraffe(s) Puppeteer: Leah Kelley
Camera: Lei Wiley-Mydske
Video Transcription: Jennifer Beierle

“An invitation is not inclusion. I don’t understand why people think that’s all that they have to do then get upset when the disabled person can’t do the thing because nobody cares enough to help create an environment that is actually welcoming and inclusive. Access, accommodations and inclusion are not favors extended to the disabled person and when you treat them like they are, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.”    Lei Wiley-Mydske

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No Flash Printable Sign


30 Days of Autismis a project…

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