EX-VIVO Lung Perfusion In Action: Worthwhile Videos

In my first week blogging I talked about an advancement called ex-vivo lung perfusion, or “lung in a box” technology as a way to make “marginal lungs” viable for transplant.  For all you science geeks like me, here’s a video of it in action from an actual operating table.   Warning: Viewing is not for the squeamish.

While I found out my center uses this technology, it is still primarily in research phase, and not everyone truly qualifies for it just yet.

However, I was eager to learn more about it, so I was really glad when my online transplant support group posted this video a few days ago so I could see it & learn more about the process.

This video was recently put together by the University of Chicago School of Medicine.  It’s a short clip that isn’t too technical, science-y, or graphic but has a surgeon demonstrate how the technology is used & why it’s important from a medical perspective.

I found this video of my transplant surgeon (at his previous center) demonstrating the Transmedics Organ Care System (OCS LUNG). This is a different system that what my current center uses currently, but should soon hopefully also be FDA approved for use. (Like the system at my current center is.)



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