Interesting “Jet Pack” Travels

I was wandering the newest supermarket to go up in our area yesterday.  I was perusing the grab & go/hot food sections (just to see what they had) when I heard some one ask me, “Hey, what’s the battery life on that thing?”.   Continue reading

Now For the Boring Bureaucracy

I spoke with my social worker at my transplant center today.  He was very helpful with clarifying a few questions I needed to ask about things I had mulled over recently, including if & when I should start to apply for federal disability.  He recommended that I start my application for Social Security Disability now. Fun, Fun…let the hoop jumping commence.

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Checking Off the Boxes

I need to remind myself to slow down a bit…but I always feel better when I’m getting things done.  Today I managed to do quite a bit but still have more on tap for tomorrow (but this was stuff that needs to get done but a little less pressing). At any rate, I was given a health maintenance checklist at my evaluation so that’s why I pushed today. Continue reading

Bag of Mixed Blessings

So this article popped up in a few of my groups recently & on Facebook pages I follow (like The Lung Transplant Foundation‘s page).  I found this intriguing for a few reasons.

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Organ Donation: Myths, Facts & Hope

I do talk a lot about “debunking” transplant & organ donation myths.  However, I didn’t do it quite as well as these sources…If you’re on the fence, get the facts; give these a read & then decide for yourself.

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Bloody Hell!

Yesterday was rough. Can’t lie about that.  They save the hardest test for last, I think. If I never have to have that test repeated again I’ll be a happy camper.

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Running the Gauntlet

I realize I am still a touch out of practice from having multi-day testing. It used to be old hat. I’ve had a lot of the same type of testing the past two days before for various research studies over time at places like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) & a few other places.

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Fasting Sucks!

I’m writing this to avoid feeling hungry.  I have bloodwork & a barium swallow so that means no real food until this afternoon.  Which even if you’re not big on breakfast (though I usually am to some degree even if it’s just Cheerios & almond milk), the moment you’re told you can’t have something you want it more.  This morning is one of those cases.

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