Study: Generic Transplant Drugs Are Just As Good As Brand Name

I know this isn’t true of all drugs, especially certain psychiatric drugs & antiepileptics. However, this study finding is a relief.

I did suspect as much since I started taking the generic form of Rapamune, once the generic was made available.  I had less concern because I knew Pfizer had it’s own generic imprint, Greenstone, so I knew the medication was identical & equivalent.

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The Prominent Scapegoat for “Big Pharma”

I actually am lifting this from a Facebook post I made last night referencing this video interview that I watched yesterday morning & then expounding a little.

While some of it irked me, I did at least appreciate the opportunity to see this man’s thought process.

Yes, he’s the most prominent person to champion the trend of raising drug prices to increase profit margins.

But — he’s not the only one.

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EPIC FAILURES In Navigating Healthcare & Insurance Systems

Even though it was written by a doctor, this post still rang true for me.  I took several of these calls over time as a customer service rep, & I would try to help people sort out the messes.  In fact, even after my promotion, this most likely was what I would be doing yet today (if I was still at work and not on disability). I’d be helping both employer groups & members.  I’m still in “recovery” mode…because part of me misses helping people, but part of me doesn’t miss troubleshooting messes like this in the slightest, especially when it came to dealing directly with specialty pharmacy issues…

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Mega Mergers & Anti-Trust Issues Aren’t Limited to Cable, Tech, & Drug Companies

Everyone remembers hearing about the the giant hullabaloo that was the Comcast-Time Warner merger.  Some may even remember the 2000 case US Versus Microsoft.  Well, now we come full circle, but I’m not sure as many people know about this potential monopoly, though they should care…

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