Press Release: Apple & Donate Life America Bring National Organ Donor Registration to iPhone

I saw this press release floating around recently & I was encouraged.  I was happy to see Apple taking strides to partner with Donate Life America to offer yet another way for people to register as organ donors.

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I’m Just A ‘Blab’ber Mouth!

I had some fun the other day exploring a new social media tool.  It was called Blab.  It’s kind of like a google hang out or Skype type of tool, but I like it, it seemed a bit more user-friendly & less prone to technical glitches.   I was invited to try it out by a few people I’ve done tweet chats with, which I’m game for because I like exploring & learning about new social media tools.

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The Importance of Connections & Community

Today, I managed to accomplish a few things, but not what I wanted. I felt OK this morning but had an energy dip today later along with some residual stomach stuff that’s been going around. However, I was still proud of myself of being able to work with a low energy equation.  But sometimes, you get extra energy just by being. (Other people can also transmit a boost).

I know many post-transplant friends have told me that the experience changes you, but I had no idea how until recently. Not all the changes are painful; all are meaningful… Continue reading