Press Release: Apple & Donate Life America Bring National Organ Donor Registration to iPhone

I saw this press release floating around recently & I was encouraged.  I was happy to see Apple taking strides to partner with Donate Life America to offer yet another way for people to register as organ donors.

This goes hand in hand with also seeing the options that Facebook added to make sure people know others are donors if they so choose through an option on their profile.

I’ve also seen increased efforts in using Twitter to raise awareness but then help others raise funds & share information.

This is where technology plays a pivotal role in education.  It’s great to see these sources be able to be leveraged.  Even sites like Tinder, which I personally would have never thought of utilizing for trying to find donor matches.

It’s nice to see all these social outlets be able to be used in a positive way to encourage more people to be donors & simplify the registration process.

It’s an important move forward as every new registration counts.

The easier we make the process, (I tend to think) others will be more inclined to sign up.  I still happen to think personally that a mandatory opt-in is the best way,  but I can see how that might take awhile to pass & implement.


7 thoughts on “Press Release: Apple & Donate Life America Bring National Organ Donor Registration to iPhone

  1. I’m confused about the last line. You want a mandatory opt-in, where? On your drivers license or something? I don’t think that will work.
    Yes many people just don’t do it because they don’t think about it, but many have aversion to it. Some because of religious beliefs. If there is a mandatory opt-in and these people don’t realize it things could happen that would go against their true wishes.

    I am an organ donor. And would love to get more people involved. I’m so glad there are more ways to make this known. I didn’t know I could put it on my profile on Facebook. I’ll have to do that. And tell others they can do it.

    I wrote a post about the importance of being an organ donor once and it got no responses…it really made me sad.

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    • In other countries, they are set up to a default opt-in system unless you specifically opt out. There is talk of using the drivers license for this purpose, but I’m not entirely sold on that would be sufficient. I just say I’m in favor of moving towards such a system, possibly tied to something similar like voter registration once someone is of age to vote or obtain a license. I think some of it is lack of education on the subject that people buy into myths. I think a partial solution is found in organ donation awareness classes as part of health classes in high school. I have past links and posts to such items. I just don’t have them here at the ready now. I’m not sure an opt-in would work but I think due to the severe shortage of organs it’s something that needs to be explored. Especially in certain areas of the country where donations are exceedingly low. I understand arguements against it but I’m actually in favor of anything that will decrease wait times and shortages & that gets people talking & thinking. That’s all I meant by that. I don’t force my will on anyone. I just explore these topics as a means of creating dialogue on the subject because right now there’s too little of it, period. Once you need an organ it’s too late to think about it & this day in age, anyone could be in that position sooner than they realize or think. I was very pro donation from an early age because I had good role models who believed in it. Most religions contrary to popular belief are not against donation or are changing their thinking. That too is a myth that religions prohibit it. UNOS has good information on all of this subject and more.


      • I am a very big proponent to organ donation. and would like for there to be more education about it. I do believe most people do not opt-in because they don’t understand it.
        I have a roommate now that was raised Jehovah Witness and he was sure that they couldn’t receive transplants. That is where that came from. I know his mother died because of refusal of certain treatments so he is a bit bitter.
        I should have looked it up before speaking. I found out that they have recently changed, but it is different because they refuse blood transfusions. I also found out that since this change there is basically no religion that goes against it. I didn’t mean to carry on a myth. I felt I had it on good authority. I apologize.

        I really do wish that more people understood the need for organ donation and understood the lack of available organs. I also wish they understood the ease of registration. But people put this off as they do anything else that has to do with end of life. They avoid it. It marks their mortality. Perhaps an opt-out method is better, I just don’t understand how this would be done. That was really my question. I just didn’t word things well.
        I looked that the link you gave and couldn’t find much information on an opt-out option.
        I will try to do more research to find out how other countries have developed this option.

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      • The link was for more info on the matching process and myths. It’s ok I like sharing it for educational purposes you won’t find info on a mandatory opt in system here because we don’t have one – however on Election Day I posted about a system a state uses for voting – I think something like that could work for registration for donation – it could be tied to drivers license or voter registration to me would make sense. I can’t remember which country I heard has a mandatory opt-in off the top of my head but I know there are a few that do. It’s ok I post things like this to have dialogue and bust myths not to make people feel bad 🙂 just to have a convo. I’m glad your pro donation – wish more people were


      • Was wondering if you would like to write a guest post on my blog about donation. I don’t hit a lit of people. about 300 on the blog, about 150 on Twitter and I just started my Facebook page so only about 40 there, however I will reprint it on my personal Facebook page too. another 170 or so.
        Not great numbers, but maybe we can get some info out there.

        I was reading on the site you shared about Pennsylvania’s Give of Life program and it is as close to opt-out as we have here I think. they do a pretty good job. Here in NC you do get the option to opt-in on your driver’s license. It’s on my license and on my medical ID. Of course, it’s also in my Living Will but people my not see that in time. My husband is also a donor. I was happy to see that stricter guidelines are being put in place to honor the donor’s wishes. It used to really bother me that my family could negate my wishes. My family wouldn’t, but I know some would.

        Think about the guest post. It’s just in case you didn’t know. Keep up the great work being such a great advocate.

        I do so hope to hear you have gotten a donation soon.

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      • thank you. I would be honored at some point to do a guest post. I just can’t say when. Since I’m listed it’s hard for me to commit to anything right now because my health is so back and forth but definitely at some point I would. I will think about it for sure.

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  2. any time, the offer is open.
    I would much rather an opening come up for you than for you to post on my blog!
    I hope your health stays stable during the wait. I have been keeping up with you and know how things are up and down.
    the offer is always open.

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